Two women with kids who abused a trans man are identified


Naith Payton, 28, says he was called a “faggot” and a “boy with tits” by the women while travelling on a London Overground train. The women smashed the man’s phone and asked their kids too shout at him and tell him he was bad. The video of the insult went viral and the Internet users appeared to find the Facebook profiles the pics on which are matched with the faces of the women. In the clip, one of the women is heard shouting: “What the f***’s it got to do with you?” and “Don’t ever try to push me on my f****** kids. You dirty little wrong ‘un.” “Nothing like this has happened to me before, and it was very upsetting to be made to feel unsafe so close to where I live. It was also a reminder that homophobia and transphobia are still a real problem,” the victim said.


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