UK lesbian forcefully separated from her partner twice a year gets a legal boost

Participants of Hong Kong's annual pride parade walk through the streets with a large rainbow flag on November 26, 2016. A huge rainbow flag led thousands through the streets of Hong Kong on November 26 as the city's LGBT community braved the rain and wind to call for equality at its annual pride parade. / AFP / Aaron TAM (Photo credit should read AARON TAM/AFP/Getty Images)

A British lesbian having no legal work permission and made to leave her partner every 6 months now receives support from the biggest financial institutions. Hong Kong’s government has refused to recognise the civil partnership which a lesbian couple known only as SS and QT attained in Britain but in Hong Kong same-sex marriages are not recognized so the spousal visa applications were denied several times. Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are among the dozen multinational companies who plan to submit their formal support for the pair’s case to Court of Appeals, the South China Morning Post has reported. The institutions plan to explain in the letter that it makes economic sense to help same-sex couples and thus ensure that Hong Kong keeps attracting talent. South China Morning Post’s source told the publication: “It will probably be the first time for non-NGOs to intervene and give the court their ideas.


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