13-year-old trans boy committed suicide


Jay Griffin began transition to male 1.5 years ago. He played clarinet in a school band, he liked to draw. He was just 13. And he is gone. Jay’s parents, Matt and Erin Georgia, found their child dead in his room on the morning of 25 May, just before the Memorial Day weekend. The boy was struggling of being repeatedly misgendered and he was tired of explaining to his friends that his name was Jay and he was a boy. Now his parents are working to raise awareness about transgender children – and they are showing you can hold a strong faith without being anti-LGBTI.‘The real point is we need to promote education of diversity. Not just for the children, because the children get it. We need to reach out to parents,’ the boy’s mom adds, We’re so adamant about what we believe and we should be passionate about our beliefs. But it’s when we start judging and excluding people because of our beliefs that we get into trouble. I think that is where Jay fought most of his demons.’ As a result, Jay’s family asked for donations to the Magic City Acceptance Center, a safe space for LGBTI youth in Birmingham, Alabama.


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