Russian LGBT parents pose for photos to show they exist


Russia legally forbids ‘promoting homosexuality’, but it still does not mean that there are no gay Russians. Russian laws forbid same-0sex couples to adopt kids but it still does not mean such couples don’t become parents. The sixth, annual IFED took place on 6 May. Its aim is to raise awareness about diverse families. 44 countries celebrated it, including Russia. Rainbow Future is an organization based in St Petersburg. For IFED, it held discussion events on issues facing LGBTI families of the country encouraging such families to speak out about their existence by posting pictures of themselves with ‘Rainbow Future’ postcards. ‘One of the participants of Rainbow Future decided to take pictures of the children. One of the photos we liked very much. Our children were holding hands. But we knew that we would never be able to publish this image for security reasons,’ the group’s spokesman said.


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