Trans gay man and his husband are expecting their big happiness


Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow, of Portland, Oregon, announced that they are expecting a baby boy. The child is biologically related to both of the dads and conceived naturally because his daddy Trystan is transgender. “I think there are a lot of gay couples who would love to have their own biological child without intervention or assistance from other people. For me, I see it as a really amazing gift that I’ve been given. I get to live as a man, and I also get to do this really amazing thing that a lot of people would love to do,” the pregnant man said. The two are together for 7 years and married for 4, they are not new to dealing with kids because they are loving uncles for their niece and nephew. But now they are totally excited about having a child of their own. “I wanted to keep growing our family, and adopting more kids was not something we could do. We could afford another child, but that [adoption] process was very emotionally difficult for our family, and we thought, actually, we already have everything we need to grow our family on our own!,” Trystan said, “I had to stop taking testosterone – I talked to a medical team and made sure that was advisable. We know this seems unique to your viewers, but in our community we actually know a few transgender men who have the ability to carry a child, and who have done so successfully. For us it’s not that groundbreaking. The doctors said, absolutely this is something you can do, there’s no reason you couldn’t have a happy, healthy pregnancy.”


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