Lib Dem hopeful who said people turned gay because of water loses election


A Liberal Democrat candidate who said female hormones in water supply could affect on people’s sexual preferences, loses her election bid. Susan King, who stood in the west Midlands seat of Telford, limped in with just 954 votes in the June 8 election, which resulted in a hun parliament. King managed about 2% of the vote share in the constituency, meaning her deposit is totally lost. She still managed to beat the party’s 2015 result, however, where they got a slightly lower 927 votes. The candidate came to notoriety after being asked about her views on Lib Dem leader Tim Farron’s ‘gay sex sin’ controversy and she says that sexuality comes from ecological problems and the way air ad water pollution influence on human’s DNA. “Phthalates, the chemicals used in making plastics, children’s toys are affected. Everything that’s getting into the environment is disrupting the way industrialisation has changed our living conditions, residues of all sorts of feminising hormones in the water supply from pharmaceutical etc which is affecting gender of fish stock etc,” she said.


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