Pastor says Ariana Grande is worse than terrorists because she is pro-LGBT


A US pastor has claimed that singer Ariana Grande could be more dangerous than those who took 22 innocent lives at her concert. Over the weekend, Maryland pastor David Whitney delivered a sermon in which he questioned whether Grande’s pro-LGBT position and support of her gay brother could be more dangerous than terror attacks. Neither we, nor those who heard these words could understand how loving your own brother can be worse than killing people, but this is the point of view the pastor stands for. “I did a little research about what she was about, and everything she stands for is quite eye opening. She is an open advocate for sodomy,” the pastor said, “She states that she did so for a particular reason, because her brother is a sodomite. She threw Christianity out, lock, stock and barrel.” The pastor also attacked the singer’s religious beliefs. Grande practices Kabbalah, a mystical belief system that originated in Judaism. “She has embraced not only sodomy, but a satanic cult religion … it’s called Kabbalah, it is a Jewish cult belief system that is the opposite, in a sense, of our Christian faith. It appears this Ariana is like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, leading a whole generation of young people, and indeed some very young people, to a very dangerous place. [She is] indeed a dangerous woman, leading them down this dangerous road.”


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