Transparent star Jay Duplass says that trans love storyline changes him


Actor Jay Duplass, who plays Josh Pfefferman in popular LGBT television show Transparent, said the show changed his opinion about transgender people and their rights making him more aware and accepting and now he realizes that gender is something much more difficult and diversive than just M and W. “Like Josh, I now experience the wide spectrum of gender on a daily basis, when only a few years it seemed like one of two boxes to check at the doctor’s office.” He was brought up in a Catholic surrounding and did not see LGBT people before he went to college. “Transparent opened my heart and my mind,” he said, “but it also changed my world. All of the sudden I found myself deeply entrenched in a civil rights movement, with a whole new chosen family.” Duplass said he now has “regular conversations” about how he as a “straight white American male, can help give voice to marginalized people”.


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