Scientists proved ‘gay panic’ does not exist


The ‘gay panic defence’ – a theory claiming that straight men react with panic when they notice homosexual behavior – was denied by the scientists. The defence means that assailants who attack gay men after seeing homosexual behaviour may argue in court that they were in an affect condition, that is why they could npot control their actions and that is why they could not e punished for what they’ve done. And however ridiculous it ,may sound, this law still exist in many American states. Now, a study published in the Psychology and Sexuality journal shows that there is actually no such concept as ‘gay panic’. The study showed a series of images – several of which included men having sex – to 120 men, and tested their saliva before and after for alpha-amylase, a chemical that is produced in saliva when a person is stressed. The study showed that the level of alpha-amylase was the same for those participants who were shown to be tolerant of gay relationships and those who were not, and that is why there is no reasonable background for excusing crimes against gay people by panic.The researchers said they want to “add to the chorus of those calling for the global banning of the gay panic defence … and to set clear … than an LGBT person’s mere existence is never provocation for physical violence.”


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