Tory MP who accused trans people of confusing kids loses his seat


The Conservative politician Julian Brazier served in the Parliament of Canterbury for 30 years but failed his eights election giving his seat to Labour Rosie Duffield who took over by 187 votes. Across his time in Parliament, Brazier voted against an equal age of consent for gay people, same-sex adoption, equal marriage and the repeal of Section 28. He joined colleagues earlier this year calling for the censorship of a CBBC programme about transgender people. Brazier had fumed: “This programme is very disappointing and inappropriate. Children are very impressionable and this is going to confuse and worry them.” He also accused gay people of undermining the institution of marriage and said they would pay for it one day. “We shouldn’t allow an institution of this importance to be re-defined simply to meet a rights agenda. It’s always been defined in a practical way which is quite restrictive when you think about it – there’s got be one of each sex, you can’t be related, you can’t be married to somebody else. I can’t see any logic as to why we should redefine marriage for the needs of one group of people and not others,” he then claimed.


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