Gay couple breaks up using rap


Jeremy Wetmore Spann and Blake Larson have been going out for seven years, falling in love as they studied at the uni. However, after more than half a decade together the pair have decided to split announcing it with a new rap video. The Arizona couple rap: “As we grew our paths moved in different directions. Started to question, is you really the one? When I ask you your dream house you say a high-rise, I’m like hold up, where’s the white picket fence on the side? You wanna travel the world and have brunch in Brussels, I wanna settle down and put together some puzzles.” Going on they promised to remain friends. “I love your easy-goingness and endless optimism, but sometimes it’s good to look at long-term decisions. Would we be together forever? I don’t think so. Our relationship’s been good but I want magical”. “I want the best for you, and the best for me, and going forwards I don’t think that’s Blaremy. Now our seven-year story’s been told. That’s a pretty good run for some homosexuals!”


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