Caitlyn Jenner got into a mess speaking about white privilege


Caitlyn Jenner has been schooled on white privilege as she appeared at the live stream on Katy Perry’s Youtube channel. Actress Amanda Seales was speaking with Jenner when she confronted the trans reality star discussing racial issues. Alongside Margaret Cho, Van Jones, Sally Kohn, Anna Navarro and Yung Skeeter, the conversation got more and more awkward. “It’s an insult to me that you’re not listening to what I’m saying,” Seales told Jenner. “If this is a conversation about having conversations, then we have to be listening to each other.” To Seales it is unclear how people of color consider the concept of white privilege. “The reason I am so passionate ― and I’m not hostile, I’m passionate ― is because I’ve had such a different experience in this country than you” Seales continued. Because as a black woman, the government is so much in my life, and it always has been… I think there’s a lot to understand for why people are talking the way they talk about different things. I understand why you’re talking the way you’re talking.”

“I just don’t understand, I just said I believe in this country,” jenner hit back. “Yes. You can say that in a way that I cannot,” Seales responded, “Because you’ve had a different experience. Because this country is here for you. This country ain’t here for me in the same way, sis.”


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