Lesbian ally of the EDL’s Tommy Robinson hopes to lead UKIP


A lesbian who served as deputy leader of a far-right anti-Islam group is now running to lead the independence Party. Anne Marie Waters, who says she is a gay rights activist, is running tale the place of Paul Nutall, who resigned after the General election, as the UKIP chief. Ms Waters has been a prominent activist in the anti-Islam Pegida movement, and has also praised far-right leaders Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders. She served as deputy leader of the UK arm of Pegida, the far-right and anti-Islam group partly set up by the English Defence League Tommy Robinson, alongside whom she spoke at the Manchester rally organised by the Gays Against Sharia movement. Ms Waters was selected as UKIP’s candidate for Lewisham East, south London, in the General Election, but later removed due to her past involvement in the far-right Pediga organisation. Now she has vowed to defy the party’s bosses and be elected leader. In recent days she has shared supporters’ posts calling for “Anne and Tommy Robinsons voices to be heard” in UKIP.


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