Orphan Black star Jordan Gavaris comes out although he has never been ‘in’


The actor has appeared on the popular sci-fi series Orphan Black as Felix Dawkins, the gay foster brother of main character Sarah. And now he decides to come out as gay himself. Actually there was no decision whether to come out or to be in closet because no one actually asked him whether he was gay or not. “Nobody ever asks me. I’ve never been asked. Like, the whole course of the series. I guess that’s where I’m at in terms of coming out publicly. I had this position when I started on the show that it shouldn’t matter. And I believe that. I hope that one day, the world gets to a place where you don’t need to politicize your sexuality any more than someone needs to politicize their race — that we can just act and we can exist in this Zeitgeist, telling stories about one another. And that no one’s afraid, maybe, to come out. But also that no one’s really hyperobsessed with knowing whether or not someone’s gay. That would be an amazing world to live in, where people don’t feel the need to protect themselves and other people don’t feel the need to launch an inquisition,” the actor says. Although he admitted that we are not living in totally inclusive society yet. And unfortunately as an openly gay actor he might have less chances to have good roles than if his sexuality remained unknown.


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