The KKK disrupts equality march in Alabama


Participants in a Pride march were stunned over the weekend, when members of the Ku Klux Klan appeared to spoil everything. Two hundred people turned up to take part in a rally in Florence, Alabama, organised by the LGBT group Equality Shoals. But protesters in KKK white robes appeared accidentally. The handful of KKK protesters, who were joined by members of other neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups, chanting homophobic and racist rants. According to the local newspaper, one Klan member pronounced homosexuality an “abomination to the Lord Jesus Christ.”Officers from Florence Police Department attended to ensure there was no violence, but the attenders were irritated. In a Facebook post, the police department posted a picture of the LGBT rights activists and KKK, writing: “Two sides, opposing views. Peaceful rally. Our duty and honor to provide security and ensure the safety of both groups.” Another post from the police department included the hashtag #defendersoftheconfedoratecross.


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