Woman turned Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of you’ into Pride anthem


The lead single of the British singer’s third album hits all the dancefloors since January. Even those who don’t know a word in English sing along to it. The video about loving in fight and fighting for love starring Jennie Pegouskie and Yama is really one of the best in 2017. 26-year-old singer previously won the love of LGBT fans when he waved a rainbow flag during his London 02 arena show. And now the song which the straight songwriter devoted to a girl (‘Girl, you know, I want your love, your love was handmade for somebody like me’) is recreated into the hymn of Pride.

Chika, who lives in Montgomery in the US, put together the cover as a ‘pride anthem’, changing the original words into the massage of Pride. “Let me tell you ’bout pride, the struggle to survive, living everyday with our lovin’ under fire,” she sings, “Questioning the ways that you self identify, but who you choose to date isn’t ever on your mind. But people so fascinated, they passive hating, they all repeat the rhetoric like a class they’re taking.” Since posting a clip of the video on Twitter two days ago, it’s been retweeted more than 17,000 times and favourited almost 40,000 times. The woman later commented that she likes to experiment and she wanted to share the massage of self-accepting in any shape. The song’s title is explored much wider than the originally meant body shape. The key idea is loving yourself regardless of who you are. Chika notes that this massage is not only for LGBT people, but for them it is usually harder to love themselves. Really, it is true. Maybe Chika should do one more Pride-themed cover to Justin Bieber’s ‘Love yourself’? By the way, it was also written by Ed Sheeran.


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