Trans youtuber reveals struggling during transition


Jamie Raines is a trans man who shares videos about his transition step by step. However, his most recent video is one that he never thought he would make 4 years after his transition began. The man started to have periods again as he changed the way of hormonal treatment. He explained that he was not sure if he wanted to make the video, but decided to because he felt it was important to talk about. The YouTube changed from the testosterone Nebido to Testogel because he had high T levels on Nebido. Raines said that seeing his periods back made him feel awful and really terrible. It caused a lot of fear and panic. “I had no symptoms in the build up to this happening so it came as a complete shock. After nearly four years of it not happening I kind of forgot that my body could still technically do that. After the first day I was able to just get back to normal and snap out of this horrible feeling I had about myself and I was able to just get on with my life. I worked hard to not let it affect me in a negatively way – It didn’t make me any less of a man,” he said, “Just remember that whatever stage of transition you’re in, you can get through it. It won’t last forever and it does not at all affect who you are,” he addressed his watchers in the end.


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