University of Kansas introduces a rainbow dorm


The University of Kansas has dedicated a section of student dorms specifically for LGBT students. Lewis Hall now has rooms devoted to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, gender fluid and questioning students as part of its gender-inclusive housing initiative. This means that roommates will be assigned to rooms and their sexuality and gender identity is not to be considered.The halls are of course optional, but there is already a waiting list for the rooms in the wing. Diana Robertson, the student housing director for the University said the waiting list proved that they are “hitting a need”. She explained that there was “no questions asked” about students actual sexual or gender identity and that allies of the LGBT community may also be welcomed to the rooms in the future. Vanessa Delgado, who runs the university’s centre for sexual and gender identity, explained that the dorms will be particularly helpful to gender non-binary students who would otherwise be forced into female or male dorms with little recognition of their identity.


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