Gay chorus group hit back the haters


As homophobic protesters shouted about how to love God is to hate ‘sin’, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington responded them with the power of music. The demonstrators were carrying signs outside Tennessee’s Knoxville PrideFest reading: “HOMO SEX IS SIN” and “sodomites, fornicators and porno-freaks” will burn in hell. And after boarding the bus following the show, the chorus’s artistic director Thea Kano told the driver to stop the bus, to get out and respond the haters. “This particular protester started walking across the street and shouting at us, so I blew the pitch pipe and told [everyone] what we were going to sing and ushered them into a big circle,” Kano said.“He was walking along and shouting in our faces, and we kept singing.” They sang Make Them Hear You from the musical Ragtime and protest song We Shall Overcome and ended with the USA anthem. “As we were singing the national anthem, this woman who wasn’t with our group broke into the circle with a big rainbow flag,” Kano said. Music wins over hate.


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