Student replied to preacher who accused Sir Elton John of making people gay


A homophobic preacher previously suggested that people could become gay if they listened Elton John’s music. The man was preaching at UC San Diego when the passing student decided to comment the bizarre words. Instead of getting into a public row over his views, Jerry, the student, stood next to the preacher and began to rephrase what he said. Jerry shouts: “You can catch gayness from Elton John! Please be aware!” Jerry’s roommate later spoke to the media admitting that he wanted to troll the preacher. He introduced his friend: “Jerry Ramirez is a student of Visual Arts and aspiring actor. It is true that he is from New Zealand. He did some other crazy performances as well, such as eating five bananas with the peel on in 10 minutes… Jerry stood on this dumpster for full 30 minutes, so the 12 minutes are already a compilation.”


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