Transgender dancer addressed to parents of LGBT kids


Trans man was disowned by his family when he came out to them and now he addressed to everybody whose child came out to them or might do it one day. Jelanii Kabita began to face homophobia and transphobia from his family when he was in high school and was caught kidding a girl in a bathroom. It was before his transition began. Kabita explained that after he was caught the therapist at his school gave him three days to speak to his mom about his female crush. His mom reacted negatively and started yelling homophobic slurs. Seeing this Kabita tried to date boys to bring mother’s love back but it did not work. Kabita began to explore his identity through dance, which he says is like a “drag part” of himself that allows him to “emulate” both female and male “vibrations”. He has since come out as transgender two years now and his life has been nothing but “upside down” just like his dancing, Kabita says. “My message for the families with kids who are identifying in the LGBTQI community, the last thing you want to do is throw them out. It just takes a choice to want to learn who your kid is and to accept the fact that you can’t control every single thing that happens in your child’s life, but you can guide them. If you can’t learn at home to love how are we going to go in the world and love other people?”


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