Anti-gay Christian group wants to enter into parliament with a help of DUP


A charity group Christian Action, Research and Education (CARE) that bank rolled a conference in support of so-called ‘conversion therapy’ (calling gay people ‘sexually broken’) now tries to push its supporters into the British parliament as free interns, PinkNews reports. The revelation comes as Prime Minister Theresa May collaborated with the anti-LGBT Democratic Unionist Party to receive the majority in the new parliament which would allow her to remain on the post of PM. The charity has been left struggling for allies after the majority of its supportive MPs were either voted out or resigned at the June 8 election. Four MPs accepted interns from CARE, according to the final Register of Members’ Interests for the last parliament. Two of those MPs failed to get seats and one more did not re-stand for the election. In emails to MPs CARE calls for their imterns to enter the offices at least for 10 months. “The Leadership Programme is an educational graduate scheme helping capable Christian graduates explore a career in politics and deepen their understanding of the relationship between Christian faith and public life. A key part of the Programme involves 10 months working in the office of a MP for four days a week,” the letter reads.


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