Facebook hides Pride reactions in countries with anti-gay laws


Facebook is hiding its LGBT Pride Month reacts from users in countries where homosexuality still remains illegal. Alongside Like, Love, Sad, Haha, Wow and Angry, a new Pride reaction was added to show your LGBT love.It has now emerged that this reaction does not appear in some countries because they consider being LGBT a crime.Facebook had choice wording when it launched the reaction, stating: “People in major markets with Pride celebrations will be able to use a temporary rainbow reaction during Pride month. “You can also like this page to access the reaction, however, because this is a new experience we’ve been testing, the rainbow reaction will not be available everywhere.” Users condemned the decision saying that Facebook tries to plkay both sides because they are afraid of losing the audience and causing scandals with some people who oppose homosexuality. But the users insist that there is no need to withdraw the symbol at all – those who don’t like it and don’t support it are not forced to use it.


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