Mexico pleads with fans not to use homophobic slurs at FIFA Confederations Cup


Mexico has pleaded with fans to stop their homophobic chanting, just days after FIFA threatened to abandon matches unless the fans cease using the slurs. The slur “puto” – an equivalent to ‘fag’ – is often chanted by Mexico fans addressing to the rivaling teams. Supporters have failed to heed warnings, the fans used slurs again. FIFA announced yesterday that it had warned the Mexican Football Federation that such behavior is inappropriate. In response, Mexican authorities addressed to fans begging them to stop. “As you know, FIFA is very serious about the chanting that we do when the goalkeeper takes a kick, and the possible sanctions are serious,” the federation said. Our efforts on the pitch will come to nothing if, because of this (behaviour), we lose the match, the game is suspended or you are expelled from the stadium. We lose, you lose, everyone loses.”


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