Balkan fairytale in Sofia


If you like Balkan culture and traditions but know it only by films and music, then it is time for you to explore Bulgaria and its capital Sofia. Same-sex activity was legalised in 1968, since 2003 LGBT Bulgarians are protected from discrimination, but Bulgarian society is rather conservative and to the people homosexuality remains something new and strange. Marriage equality also may be a while away as there was a constitutional amendment in 1991 to define marriage as solely between a man and woman and in 2012 former prime minister Boyko Borisov claimed that Bulgarians need time for it. But as for tourists, they are welcomed and there is a thriving gay scene for them – Golden Mix Club, Secret Garden Bar, One to One – these venues are waiting for you to have fun. Unlike other capital cities, Sofia doesn’t get swarmed with tourists. Summer (June-August) in Sofia is very warm but generally a lot milder than other locations in the rest of Bulgaria. Winter is icy cold and there are popular ski resorts outside of the city. Easter time is a good time to visit Sofia as celebrations and the blooming plants bring an extra level of colour to the city. Sofia film festival is also held annually in March and Sofia Pride is held every June.


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