ISIS suspects arrested in Spain days before the Madrid Pride


Just two days before World Pride is set to kick off in Madrid, Spanish authorities have arrested three people alleged to be connected with radical Muslim groups. According to the ministry, the two other people were sharing an apartment with them and they were being trained to join ISIS. A raid took place in the early hours of Wednesday, according to the ministry, just two days before the World Pride event is planned to take place in the Spanish capital. It is expected that World Pride will attract 2 million tourists to the city for the event taking place between 23 June and 2 July. According to the release on Wednesday, the profile of the main suspect was similar to that of “terrorists recently involved in the attacks in Britain and France”. The main suspect was a 32-year-old Moroccan national described as a “clear threat to security” in Spain. According to the release, the other two aged 33 and 38 were also being trained to carry out violent acts including being given information on how to carry out suicide attacks and how to wage jihad online.


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