Lesbian teacher cleared of charges for breaking her ex’s jaw


A teacher accused of breaking her ex-girlfriend’s jaw after she revealed their lesbian relationship to her mon is vindicated. 26-year-old Alexa Collier was accused of attacking Nicola Lees, 28. The 2 dated for several years but it was not desirable for Colier to inform anyone about it. Ms Lees became frustrated at having to keep their love private, and she turned up to the house of her girlfriend and mom. A doorstep argument broke out when Gill Collier, 53, called Miss Lees a “slut”, a “slag” and a “tramp” in the furious street row. Collier and Miss Lees then broke into a street scuffle, it was claimed. Ms Collier was alleged to have punched Miss Lees in the face with such force that it broke her jaw so that she needed surgery. “We were together for three years and split up and we were still seeing each other, it was on and off. She never made it clear she didn’t want to be in a relationship with me. Alexa was telling me not to tell her mum and we were keeping it as a secret. She was scared of coming out to her parents. If she didn’t want a relationship why was she with me for three years and still seeing me for a year. Alexa was still seeing me, still texting me and going to hotel rooms. Clearly she was just doing it to keep me there hanging on,” the victim assumed.During the trial, Miss Collier said: “She became obsessed with our relationship and wanted my parents to know. I felt that I wasn’t quite ready to tell that, I knew they would accept me and still love me but because the relationship was so off and on, I didn’t want to tell them in case it was off again.” When the court found he rnot guilty, Ms Collier’s family cheered from the public gallery.


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