Elderly gay Indians unite to show that love has no age


They call themselves ‘seenagers’. They are gay. They seek love. And they are over 50, but doe it matter for a real love?The initiative, Mumbai Seenagers, is a first of its kind launched by LGBT activist Ashok Row Kavi and Dr Prasad Dhanhekar. “It is wonderful to see a large number of online and offline avenues for young gay men opening up in Mumbai, Dhanhekar told the Hindustan Times, “However, older gay men have their own battles to fight and most of the time, they are fighting alone.I’m nearly a 70-year-old gay man. Now that I’m looking around at people of my tribe, I realise there is so much tragedy and loneliness in their lives,” said Kavi, one of the founders. Some of them did not get married because they did not want to ruin a woman’s life while others have grown up children and don’t want them to know their truth. So, essentially, they have nowhere to go.” The first meeting of elderly gays seeking love in Mumbai is planned for July 15th. Approximately 40 men are to attend the event, a number of volunteers agreed to help with organizing the meeting.


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