Janet Mock says she does not want Caitlyn Jenner to speak for the community


Mock said that Caitlyn Jenner is too white and too privileged to speak for the transgender community. In an interview with Chelsea Handler, the talk show host brought up recent comments Jenner made after a shooting attack. In the attack, a gunman shot and wounded Republican representatives at a charity baseball game,
Jenner commented with laughing that liberals cannot shoot. I think my community has overwhelmingly said that we don’t want that,’ Mock responded causing public ovations. ‘That’s the problem with being a single person with your very unique experience. For me, I find it really problematic that they say “trans activist” or “advocate Caitlyn Jenner” o, it’s Caitlyn Jenner who’s a very specific person with a specific set of experiences that are very monied, very white, very privileged to be able to say this stuff. She can say that on behalf of herself but I don’t think on behalf of the community,


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