Lesbian policewoman is irritated that police are banned from Pride


A lesbian police chief has spoken out after uniformed officers were forbidden to march at Pride.The controversial decision was taken by the organisers of the Twin Cities Pride Parade at the last minute, ahead of the parade which takes place on Sunday in Minneapolis. Parade organisers released a statement addressing police presence at the event after the trial of police officer Jeronimo Yanez, who was charged of manslaughter of an African-American school worker but then cleared. By local law, the Pride parade has to be led by a police car clearing the route for the floats. The event is usually opened by a large contingency of police cars in the role, but organisers say they will only permit a single unmarked car this year. The parade organisers also reaffirmed that there will be no contingent of uniformed police officers marching in the parade in order to ‘ease people’s fears’. The decision has upset Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau. “I hate spent the past couple days taking in as much information as I could regarding all that has been said about officers not being welcome to march in this year’s PRIDE parade. Understanding the magnitude of recent events, I truly wanted to reflect on your decision. I am beyond disappointed that you didn’t feel you could talk with me before making such a divisive decision that has really hurt so many in our community including the LGBT members of this Department, and those who serve and protect throughout our state.” the lesbian woman wrote adding that pride means diversity, diversity means uniting? not dividing. To her police is a duty, a job, a deal of her life, but being a police chief is not the only thing to define her. Police officers are humans first of all – they can also be proud of who they are if they are LGBT and to support their nearest and dearest members of the rainbow community.


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