San Francisco: for Pride, against Trump


Revellers gathered for the 2017 parade voiced their opposition to Donald Trump, police brutality, a lack of gun control laws and racial prejudice as a part of Black Lives Matter campaign. “No Ban, No Wall, Welcome Sisters and Brothers” read one placard. Attendees were celebrating LGBT pride screaming about their rights as loud as they could. Frank Reyes told Mercury News that he and his husband were marching for the first time in many years, because now they believe it to be especially important for LGBT community to stand up and fight for being themselves. The couple was part of the “resistance contingent,” an activist-led movement which was at the front of the parade. “We have to be as visible as possible,” said Reyes, who was wearing a silver body suit and gray and purple headpiece decorated with rhinestones. Paul Brady, Reyes’ husband, added: “Things are changing quickly, and we have to take a stand and be noticed. We want to let everybody know that we love each other, that we pay taxes and that we’re Americans, too.”


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