Trans man won a legal right to have his records updated to the gender


A transgender man in India has won the right to have his records updated taking his current gender identity into consideration. K Gowtham Subramaniam petitioned the Madras High Court in order to change records obtained b y him before he started transitioning into male. The software engineer largely sought out the change to for his school and college records because they did not coincide with the recent ones. Gowtham explained that he had obtained a computer science and engineering degree in 2012, but graduated before coming out as transgender. He was forced to petition the high court to enact the changes to his records because his initial requests were denied by authorities who originally distributed the certificates and records. They were denied on the basis that it had not been done before and so they did not know which policy to follow to enact change. The judge condemned the initial decision of authorities. “He has also produced sufficient documents to prove his identity and the authorities ought to have considered his application on merit. In fact, the authorities, in the nature of the present case, should readily extend their helping hand rather than denying the same looking down upon them,” the judge added.


  1. Please remove the name from article.the news was not published with the consent.

    Please remove the names representing the petionner. Please mind the privacy of an individual. Please remove the names from the news asap


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