US House Armed Services Committee to consider timeline for letting trans people serve


The US Armed Forces Committee is set on Wednesday to consider plans to let trans people join the military forces. Some members of the committee, Republicans, are planning to draft language which may jeopardise the program. The committee will on Wednesday hold a markup of the 2018 defence budget bill. “It’s still an important issue with regards to the state of the current force and restoring the warrior ethos, as well as conveying expectations to taxpayers,” said Representative Duncan Hunter, promising on behalf of the Committee to reconsider the issue by the end of this week. “There are questions on whether the services should be able to actively recruit transgender candidates, and what costs would be footed by taxpayers in the areas of therapy and realignment, as well as the existence of adequate conscience protections in the event that the policy isn’t reversed altogether. These are things that need to be addressed whether members like the topic or not.”


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