Christian preacher who told gay couple to ‘burn in hell’ won’t be convicted


A Christian preacher who abused gay men verbally won’t face hate crime charges for it, it has been announced. Phillip Mattis has been sentenced to 120 hours of community service and ordered to pay £300 in compensation to Troy Appleby-Walker and his husband whom he abused several times.M attis shouts in the video: “Same-sex relationships are wrong. Bestiality is wrong. Homosexuality is wrong. Sexual immorality is wrong. Bestiality is wrong. Come to the cross before it’s too late. Jesus loves you but he doesn’t love your sin.” It is believed that the preacher took aim at the couple because he noticed a rainbow flag waving out of the men’s apartment. Appleby-Walker explained that he was disappointed Mattis had not been charged with a hate crime but relieved that they had some justice and believes that the sentence is “appropriate”.


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