Christians ask Facebook for a cross emoji


Сhirstian groups addressed to Facebook as king to add the emoji of cross alongside the rainbow flag added temporarily ahead of the Pride Month. If LGBT people can express what they believe in, then Christians should also have such an opportunity, the statement said. Former television and radio evangelist Joshua Feuerstein shared a photo demanding there be a cross reaction emoji for Christians’ self-expression. 2 million of his follwers agreed with it. But there were those who did not: ‘Fine, but in response give me a Star of David react, or a Crescent Moon and Star for Islam, or a Pentacle. The Dao Yin Yang symbol? Or the Hindu Aum? To give just the Crucifix would alienate all other religions and peoples,’ wrote one user.‘The Pride Flag, on the other hand, is meant to show support to a people who have had their liberties infringed on. It is for men and women who have been ostracized from society. People who have been bullied and belittled and shamed their whole lives, some to the point of suicide, for the mere fact that they love someone of the same sex/gender,’ another added. And to our mind why not? It is not a demand of emojis with hateful slurs or some offensive symbols. Cross does not mean hating, it means sacrifice in the name of love (love in ANY shape, even though not all Christians would agree). Butr we also agree that if there is a cross, there should be symbols of other religions too.


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