USA top surgeons banned ‘correcting’ intersex kids


The Surgeon Generals of the USA finally made a decision that cosmetic infant genitoplasty (a surgical procedure provided to intersex kids to make their bodies fut the male or female model) is unnecessary and harmful from both psychoemotional and physiological points of view because the patients are too young to consent the surgery. Dr Joycelyn Elders, Dr David Satcher and Dr Richard Carmona were the 15th to 17th Surgeon Generals respectively. A US Surgeon General is the head of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHSCC) and leading spokesperson on matters of federal public health in the United States. And all 3 are condemning practices of so-called corrective surgery as rather harmful than helpful. ‘While we do not doubt that doctors who support and perform these surgeries have the best interests of patients and their parents at heart, our review of the available evidence has persuaded us that cosmetic infant genitoplasty is not justified absent a need to ensure physical functioning, and we hope that professionals and parents who face this difficult decision will heed the growing consensus that the practice should stop,’ the three Surgeon General wrote in their paper. Oii USA (Organization Intersex International) said the paper was a really huge win for the whole intersex community.


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