Neighbours star gave a controversial interview about a gay character


Australian actor Matt Wilson, who is straight in real life, plays gay Neighbours character Aaron Brennan on the long-running soap. Being asked about how it felt to him as a straight guy to accept the role of gay man he responded probably not what his fans wanted him to. There’s a lot of people saying, why don’t you get a gay person to play a gay character? But it’s like saying, why don’t you get someone in a wheelchair to play a character in a wheelchair?”. Yes, Matt, it is almost the same, because such people should be visible. And if gays are seen on screen (not as often as we would want to, but they are), disability is shown in most films as a temporary struggle.
And then a ‘disabled’ person gets up of his\her wheelchair and walks away. But it does not happen in real life,
it is daily, it is endless, and a wheeklchaired actor could show it much closer to life. But itr was not the end.
The actor then went on to claim that it was important he had the role so that the character could “act straight” and “normal”, hitting out at “flamboyant” gay characters. He said: “I think it’s quite important we are expressing this in a way that we’ve specifically designed the character to act straight and act normal. When I say normal, I mean he doesn’t stand out amongst the crowd. It’s not like the guys on Modern Family, you see them and they’re flamboyant and camp and walk around tip-toeing… that creates separation. It’s us and them, it shouldn’t be like that, it should be all, like, equal, and nobody should have a problem with that. The way the other characters react around my character is that there’s never a problem, so we’re setting a standard. We’re not going out and saying we’re doing what we’re doing,” the actor said. He has already issued an apologizing statement.


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