Teen designer creates clothes for homeless LGBT people


A teenage fashion designer from Los Angeles is upcycling unwanted clothes donating them to homeless LGBT youth. Dillon Eisman is a high school senior who invented “Sew Swag” who thinks that just loving fashion is not enough, there must be a purpose, a goal to make the world better and this is what he does. Speaking to NBC Out, the 18-year-old explained that he was “heartbroken” when sees how many people are actually rejected and disowned fro being LGBT so that they have no place to go. “Seeing people who are my age who are not accepted and basically being kicked out of their families because they’re gay was just so heartbreaking,” he said. His mother taught him to saw and he started to train on clothes his family did not wear, but he dreams of something much more. “It’s something that all underprivileged kids need — new clothes that make them feel good when they put them on,” Eisman said. He added that he knew how important clothing was, especially as a queer person. “I know as a gay person, dressing to your identity is so important,” he said. What you wear plays such a big role in how you view yourself and how you want others to view you, so I just think it’s a really important thing that these kids really needed.”


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