Ex-vicar against the Church of England


Nowadays, many churches still don’t accept gay couples. That’s why many of them are fighting to have a possibility of having a real marriage. An ex-vicar hit out against the Church of England for not allowing a gay couple to have a church wedding. Robert Ellis, now retired, believes forbidding Lee Tams and Thomas Clark from marrying proves its current policy against same-sex marriage is ‘homophobia wrapped in bad theology.’The couple are both practising members of the church. But they are ‘angry and upset’ at being denied church weddings in five different venues. Clark, a Subway supervisor, said: ‘Sexuality should not be an issue,’ he told Burton Mail.

Ellis sympathized with the couple: ‘The Church of England is in a complete mess on this issue.’ He continued: ‘There are priests up and down the country who are willing to operate creatively within the present ridiculous restrictions that the Church of England has imposed on itself. ‘In fact, I do not know why the gay community even bothers with us. ‘To my children, it is a total nonsense and like many of their generation they see the church as toxic,’ he said. Ellis believes getting a major historic institution to change is never easy, but it is important to be vocal. ‘Change will come – but sadly not quickly enough to help Lee Tams and Thomas Clark,’ he added.


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