Freddie Mercury will be sketching on new Boeing tail-fin


Freddie Mercury was a bisexual British singer, songwriter and record producer, known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen. In addition to the named talents, he was an extremely skilled showman and all this made him the legend of rock music. Unfortunately, Mercury died from AIDS in 1991.

Recently, it has transpired that Freddie Mercury will be featuring on the tail fin of two new planes from Norwegian Airlines. Norwegian traditionally uses images of famous Norwegians on the tail fins of its aircraft. However, to tie in with the expansion of its UK routes, it has begun to choose selected British figures to feature on a number of its UK. Mercury follows in the footsteps of soccer star Booby Moore, author Ronald Dahl, pilot Amy Johnson and aviation maverick Sir Freddie Laker. “Freddie Mercury inspired generations of music fans around the globe and it is a huge honor to have one of the greatest singers of all times adorn our aircraft” said one of workers of Norwegian Airlines.

Meanwhile, the fans of Mercury admitted that this act of Norwegian Airlines was spectacular and exactly what the star deserved.


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