Teen girl Eliza came out to her “homophobic family” on Instagram


Nowadays it is still hard for gay people to come out to their families because, usually, the closest people start censuring them for something they really can’t change about themselves.

A 17-year-old girl, Elisa, has gained fans around the world after coming out to her family on Instagram. She says some members of her family hold homophobic views. But recently Elisa shared images of herself at Chicago Pride, saying: “I’m gay and I fucking love me and that shouldn’t be a secret”. The girl also admitted that she felt so much love on the Pride celebration like never before. “I saw strangers smile at each other, cheek to cheek, eye wrinkle to eye wrinkle. I saw people happy. It even made me question if I’ve ever seen true happiness before until now. I wish I could hold onto that feeling forever” she said.

She ended her post on Instagram with a special message to all LGBT teens: “I hope you never feel the need to hide who you are. You’re not wrong for feeling the way you do. Please, forever, never let anyone make you feel like what you feel is wrong. Please, forever, love you. And never stop.” Her post became viral and received many touching, warm responds.


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