Are Brazilian soccer players gay?


Gay sex video about four Brazilian soccer goes viral. People can’t understand whether these players are gays or not.

A video of a locker room sexcapade gone viral has left four Brazilian soccer players from Sport Clube Gaúcho without a job.The video, lasting a mere 11 seconds, was leaked on YouTube over the weekend.

The scene shows one of the players masturbating two of his fellow teammates in the shower. The fourth player, out of shot, laughs hysterically as he films the act. The Club’s president Gilmar Rosso told the Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte the players were let go because the acts occurred on club property.

‘Outside business hours we have nothing to do with the situation. If they want to get drunk, drink, gay or not, that’s their problem.’

Speaking to UOL Sport, Rosso also added that he thought the players were straight, but now he isn’t so sure. ‘As far as I know, these three are not gay, but now they would have to prove that they are not gay.’

The names of the players have not been released. The video initially got passed around the team before it made its way on to YouTube, who has since removed the original leaked x-rated video from the platform.


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