Gavin Rossum, LCD Soundsystem’s synth player, comes out as trans


Gavin Rossum, a synth player in the New York band LCD Soundsystem, comes out as trans. The history of the band numbers 15 years and all these years Rossum felt herself “in someone else’s body”. Actually, the other participants of the band were really supportive of her transition. But now is the time when she is unable to do the band’s upcoming promotional tour pretending to be someone she’s not. Anyhow, the general feeling inside the LCD Soundsystem is that the band will become even better.

Gavin told the media that she had always known she was trans and had tried to come out many times in her life and now, after taking enough time for “self-care”, she understood that she was ready. “I’m 43 and I can identify that once a decade, I made a concerted effort to make my trans identity known. That includes a period of time when I was a child in the ’70s, when I was going through puberty in the ’80s, and then several periods throughout my twenties, thirties, and forties. What makes this time different is that I’m in a stable moment in my life” she said. Gavin Rossum underlines also that she had never been so happy and patient as she is now.


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