An apology after 20 years


It is never late to apologize to people whom you hurt. The most important qualities in people’s life are understanding and forgiveness.

School bullying can be horrible, especially for LGBT youth School days can be horrible for victims of bullying, and especially for people who are thought of as “different”, like LGBT students.

Many gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender kids suffer greatly at the hands of school bullies, but this heartbreaking story shows that it’s never too late to say sorry. As a boy, ChadMichael Morrisette wasn’t just bullied by one or two people, but the entire football team of his West Alaska school, just for being who he is. “I was bullied for being gay,” he said. “I was bullied for being little. “I was bullied for every reason someone is bullied. It was awful.”

He forgot about those awful days – but then he got a Facebook message he never expected. He moved away to West Hollywood when he was 15 and pushed the bullying out of his mind. But it all came flooding back when one of his bullies got in touch out of the blue when he was 34.

One of his school bullies, named Louis Amundson, tracked him down using Facebook and sent him an unexpected message. And, despite the years of torment, ChadMichael forgave his former bully with a graciousness and generosity that acts as an inspiration to absolutely everyone.


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