Chilean LGBT activists continue to confront a homophobic “Hate Bus”


Recently, the orange bus, that is an initiative of the ultra-conservative Catholic group “Hazte Oir” supporting conservative views on social issues, has clashed with LGBT activists in front of Chile’s Congress again. Such incidents have already happened before in Chile, when the orange conservative bus started its tour across the country in front of the Presidential Palace La Moneda. According to witnesses, it began as a political demonstration and has exploded into an ugly fight with participants slinging insults such as “Pedophiles” and “family killers.” The main road was paralyzed and taxi drivers joined the fight until municipal police were required to break up the 300 mixed social activists using tear gas and water. Two days earlier, the orange bus was standing in front of the Congress building with banners saying: “Leave my children alone” and “Don’t mess with my children”. The “Freedom Bus” campaign opposed a recent mandate from the Ministry of Education that seeks to guarantee and protect the rights of transgender children and adolescents in schools.

It must be also reminded, that in June 2017 President Michelle Bachelet introduced in Congress a bill meant to legalize same-sex marriage, while senators approved the “bill on Gender Identity” aimed at addressing discrimination against the LGBT community. While Chilean politicians are not able to settle a dispute on LGBT rights out of court, public disorder will be continued.


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