A gay married couple beaten close to death in Germany’s refugee camp


A Serbian gay couple was living in Germany’s refugee camp and recently has barely survived a vicious homophobic attack, whereas they tried to hide the fact they were gay.

Javid Nabiyev, a member of the Queer Refugees Pride, has revealed the incident in a Facebook post. The Queer Refugees Pride team decided to post not only a report on the event, but video of the men’s injuries. The thing is that men “were almost dead” when they arrived to hospital: they were all covered with blood and one of them will need a surgery for his injuries. “How many people should face this kind of attack, to make all of you believe, to convince all of you, that our situation is urgent? What happened yesterday is happening all over the place. If this person was a German citizen would police react the same way?” Nabiyev asked in the video.

But the most shocking thing is that Javid Nabiyev had made several efforts to have the men moved to a more tolerant refugee camp but was denied. They were told they need to have a “good reason” to be moved. The names and location of the men were kept private for their safety. But also because authorities have said the men will have to return to the refugee where they were attacked. Probably, the fact that a person has barely survived a vicious attack is a good enough reason for the authorities of Germany.


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