Man told to remove his makeup at work


Every person is individuality, that’s why we should accept everyone as they are. People should respect others views on appearance, style and etc..

A man who was told to remove his makeup at work has hit back at bosses. Male shop worker Scott Ayton-Laplanche was ordered to remove makeup from his face by managers at Curry PC World. However the shop worker refused, pointing out that female co-workers were allowed to wear whatever they like.

Laplanche claims the order was “discriminatory” as women in branch “wear more make-up than he does.” The 20-year-old, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, had been working at the Currys PC World branch for months without being asked to change his look. But he claims that when management changed he was told to remove the makeup.

After refusing, he was informed the alternative option was to “tone it down”. The angry worker took to Facebook to reveal the decision by bosses – in a post that has been shared thousands of times. He wrote: “Before I explain my frustrations, you need to bear in mind that.. There isn’t any make-up policy at work,” he wrote.

Laplanche pointed out that female colleagues were permitted to have dyed red hair, bright blue eye liner and bright green lipstick. He added that he didn’t take issue with his co-workers looks, just that they were allowed to dress how they wanted as women, while men were not.


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