Nearly a 100 gender reassignment operations are being held in Scotland each year


Nowadays, it’s not rarely heard, that transgender transmissions are in progress all over the world. But the number of them in Scotland is really impressive.

The health service in Scotland is funding almost one hundred gender reassignment procedures a year since the referrals process was overhauled in the country. Figures obtained by the Herald show that National Services Division (NSD) approved funding for 386 referrals for surgery between April 2013 and July 2017, including 135 male-to-female and 41 female to male genital surgeries and 210 chest reconstructions for trans-men, where breast tissue removed to create a masculine torso. On average, male-to-female genital surgery costs around £10-11,000 per patient.

James Morton, manager of the Scottish Transgender Alliance, said: “That whole period pre-2012 was an absolute nightmare in trans-equality terms. A lot of the health boards were very problematic. The funding was erratic and poorly recorded. There are people who started their transition in 2011 and didn’t manage to get any surgery until 2013 because the health boards were so obstructive, and it was only once it came under the national remit that they were able to access any surgeries.” Such an increase of the demand for gender reassignment operations can be explained by the increased amount of people, who are supportive or at least tolerant to such issues, by the thing that the legal protection under the Equality Act became better and, of course, by the growing number of successful examples of transgender individual’s post-transition life.


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