You can’t be gay and Muslim


Can be both a muslim and a gay? To answer this question is difficult, because every person has his own opinion about this.

A Muslim radio host has schooled a caller who said that you cannot be both gay and Muslim. LBC host Maajid Nawaz was discussing a gay Muslim man who tied the knot with his partner when the caller, Korum, phoned in.

The caller, who is a practising Muslim, told Nawaz that while he did not hold a grudge against gay people or same-sex marriage, he felt that faith and sexuality could not be intersectional. He said: “I have nothing against gay marriage, gay rights or anything like that. “That’s someone else’s life, that’s between them and God.” “I’m a firm believer that, yes, you’re entitled to your rights and your life as well. But if you’re gay, you can’t call yourself Muslim!”

“You’re on national radio, you just told the whole world that the Quran says if you’re gay you’re not Muslim but you don’t think that creates Islamaphobia? Anti-Muslim bigotry? because people think Muslims are illiberal and bigoted.”


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