Changing in the civil rights laws to stop protecting trans people


Politicians always change their attitude to LGBT people, they can’t choose whether to support them or to discriminate. A Republican-backed bill would rewrite civil rights laws to specifically exclude transgender people. A bill filed in the US House of Representatives this week would make sweeping changes to the civil rights laws that ban discrimination based on race, colour, religion, sex, or national origin.

The Civil Rights Act provisions on sex have been used in recent years to extend some protection to transgender people. Known as the ‘Civil Rights Uniformity Act of 2017’, the law “prohibits the word ‘sex’ or ‘gender’ from being interpreted to mean ‘gender identity’, and requires ‘man’ or ‘woman’ to be interpreted to refer exclusively to a person’s genetic sex.”

Babin said: “The Obama Administration used brute force and coercion to compel states and localities to accept its redefinition of sex to include ‘gender identity.’ “Though the Trump Administration has rolled back most of these overreaching executive orders, the Civil Rights Uniformity Act would ensure that any redefinition of sex by the U.S. government would have to originate from Congress and be passed into law, preventing future executive overreach.

“This bill preserves the power of Congress and restores the voice of the people to make sure that ‘gender identity’ is not conflated with biological sex without explicit approval by the people’s representatives in Congress.” “The Founding Fathers never intended unelected bureaucrats in federal agencies to make sweeping changes to the definition of gender. “While we have a new president in office, we must restore the voice of the people given to them by our Constitution and put an end to this dangerous precedent of removing Congress’ power to make laws.”


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